ALUP LARGO 280-355 kW

  • ALUP
  • 40,85-54,08 m³/min
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Reliability, innovation and efficiency have been our targets in the development of the new range.
Products have been designed to ensure our customers meet the highest productivity with an optimum air quality.
Thanks to the experience acquired over the years and with the advanced design and manufacturing techniques, ALUP is offering the highest standard of compressed air solution to its customers.
Numerous variants and options allow this product to be in-stalled on nearly every compressed air application. In addition special versions can be offered.

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Reliability, Innovation, Efficiency

  • High performance separation system

    High performance separation system

    Reliable double stage receiver for superior
    air quality and residual oil quantity lower
    than 3ppm.

  • High efficiency air filtration

    High efficiency air filtration

    efficient air filtration to protect the internal components
    against dust and increase their lifetime. Water
    separator integrated as standard to remove water
    from compressed air thus protecting the upstream

  • Advanced monitoring system for optimized management

    Advanced monitoring system for optimized management

    intelligent controller with user friendly display
    to monitor, manage and get the best of your
    installation. CAN bus network for communication
    with other compressors, controls & accessories.

  • State-of-the-art screw element

    State-of-the-art screw element

    time-proven design with superior quality material and
    high air fl ow throughout one stage.

  • Built-in cooling system for optimum operation temperature

    Built-in cooling system for optimum operation temperature

    latest heat exchanger technology (tubular)
    combined with high capacity ventilation fan for
    efficient cooling with lowest operation costs.
    Heat recovery available as an option.

Dane techniczne

Model Air flow according toISO 1217 (Appendix C-1996) Motor power Length Width Height Weight
8 bar (m3/min) 10 bar (m3/min) 13 bar (m3/min) kW mm mm mm kg
LARGO 280 47.57 40.85 280 4450 2140 2250 6564
LARGO 315 54.18 47.46 40.64 315 4450 2140 2250 6698
LARGO 355 54.08 47.25 355 4450 2140 2250 6706